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Le Chefs - Luxery decorated cakes

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Decorated cakes, sweet packages and desserts, available online for ordering, delivery Israel nationwide. Amazing selection, great prices. You will find the cake of your dreams, adjust the design to your taste, and we will deliver to your door on time.

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No need to call, you can provide your order details online. We will handle these details with care to ensure your peace of mind during your celebration.

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Our delivery

Our service, is easy, type in your address, we will ensure arrival on time


Personolized service

Each cake has several options with maximum flexibility in cake setup, For example: the cake flavor can be chocolate, vanilla or caramel - you decide! Too many options? Don't worry, there is always a default option

Quality without compromise

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Our service includes high standards for quality. We provide our customers, meticulous handwork with an emphasis on quality